The planning and design of your country club's fitness center begins with three very important elements:

1. Your members
2. Your architectural team
3. Your budget

Your Members
Having a fitness center is a long-term commitment and your members expect a top-end facility. Our customized member survey helps guide the type of equipment and amenities best suited to your club. Based on the survey results, The Salus Group develops the ideal combination of equipment and a design that is clean, attractive, and functional. We also set up the policies, waivers and administrative procedures to assure smooth operations.

Your Architectural Team
Understanding architectural parameters is part of TSG's fitness center design expertise. We work with your architect to determine the proper space allocation in new construction or the building specs within existing space. Our planning capabilities extend to the positioning and selection of exercise equipment, flooring materials, mirrors, hydration stations, hygiene dispensers, and audio outlets. We factor in user flow and safety so that the result is a facility that members regularly enjoy and use.

As part of TSG's collaborative approach, we attend team meetings, make regular site visits throughout the construction, and offer feedback on schematics and drawings.

    Where space allows, we can also provide guidance on:
  • Stretch Areas
  • Massage Rooms
  • Group Fitness Studio
  • Showers, Steam & Sauna
  • Media (cable television and satellite radio)

Your Budget
TSG respects your club's budgeting and approval process. We provide detailed plans so that your board can make informed, financially feasible decisions. TSG develops both capital and operating budgets so that there are no surprises.

The capital budget encompasses all forms of equipment exercise machines, free weights, mats, balls, benches, and ancillary items. Because of our relationships in the industry, we are able to negotiate the best prices and options from the leading equipment vendors:

  Cybex Life Fitness
  Precor Nautilus Cardiovascular

In addition to equipment selection, we oversee the ordering, delivery, set-up and maintenance.

Our operating budgets are comprehensive and cover the complete range of daily expenses and marketing materials:

  • Staffing – club manager, trainers, fitness instructors, massage therapists     
  • Communications flyers, reprints, stationery
  • Supplies - linens, disinfectant, paper goods
  • Refreshments - bottled water, sports drinks, energy bars

As part of our team approach, The Salus Group also provides club branding materials and updates for club communications, including newsletters, mailings and email, to promote fitness center utilization and broad attendance.


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