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The key to utilizing a fitness center is developing a program that works for each member and having a supportive staff in place. The same level of care that goes into selecting your employees applies to our selection of certified trainers. Every one of The Salus Group's personal trainers are chosen for their level of experience and ability to work with all levels of business professionals and staff. Your club's trainers will encourage, instruct, and create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

Overall and Specific Fitness Objectives
Trainers from TSG are experienced in modifying programs so that they are appropriate for each individual and minimize the risk of injury. We provide the motivation and give self-confidence so that employees stay with their exercise program and maintain a healthy body.

Personal training can be used to address problem areas along with Strength & Conditioning and Balance & Coordination. TSG also provides training to meet specific fitness objectives:

  • Strength Training
  • Core Strengthening & Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Improvement
  • Athletic Injury Prevention
  • Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy-Safe Exercise

Those that can often benefit the most from an exercise program are employees with busy travel schedules. The Salus Group can develop individualized fitness programs for the frequent traveler that can be adapted for any business destination.

Goals and Incentives
Physical inactivity leads to higher costs for employers through increased healthcare costs, absenteeism, and disability, as well as decreased productivity. Of course, there is huge personal satisfaction in feeling and looking better, which is sometimes incentive enough. However, some companies find that one of the most effective strategies for encouraging adults to exercise is to offer rewards for reaching individual goals. The Salus Group can customize a tracking and incentive system based on a variety of criteria, including aerobic and non-aerobic activity and fitness measures.

At The Salus Group we view ourselves as an extension of your company's benefits staff. We can adapt fitness programs from your on-site center for off-premises so that employees are encouraged to stay fit during weekends, vacations, after hours. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to work with a company's Human Resources team to customize plans that reflect the goals of your benefits package.

Employees will value the ease of connecting with our trainers. All of the Salus Group personnel are available in-person and by email for consultation and questions.

The Salus Group is dedicated to tailoring programs, facilities, and staff to meet your needs. Together we can determine the best selection of offerings for your building's employees or commercial property tenants.