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The key to utilizing a fitness center is developing a program that works for each member and having a supportive staff in place. The same level of care that goes into selecting your country club's employees applies to our selection of certified trainers. All of The Salus Group's personal trainers are chosen for their level of experience and ability to work with your members. Your club's trainers will encourage, instruct, and create an atmosphere where all ages feel comfortable.

Adult Personal Training
With personal training, a certified professional takes a member sequentially through three core fitness segments over a period of weeks moving into successively challenging levels. Individual problem areas are addressed, as are Strength & Conditioning and Balance & Coordination.

Personal training can also be used to meet specific fitness objectives. TSG provides personal training in:

  • Strength Training
  • Core Strengthening & Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Improvement
  • Athletic Injury Prevention
  • Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy-Safe Exercise

Team Coordination for Sports Improvement
The Salus Group specializes in being an extension of your professional sports staff—golf, tennis, squash, paddle, swimming—to improve members' performance. Working with recommendations from the program professionals, training sessions are developed to achieve individual strength, flexibility and endurance goals. Our team approach results in noticeable game enhancement—from reaching farther and bending deeper to rotating more powerfully and moving faster.

Kids and Teens Personal Training
Many parents turn to personal training to help their children get and stay in shape. Trainers from TSG are experienced in modifying programs so that they are age-appropriate and minimize the risk of injury. We provide the motivation and give self-confidence so that a child stays with the exercise program and develops a healthy body image.

Personal training is also ideal for developing energy, strength and coordination for competitive sports. TSG provides individualized sport-specific training in:

  Football Lacrosse
  Hockey Soccer
  Swimming Basketball
  Baseball/Softball Racquet Sports

The Salus Group is dedicated to tailoring programs, facilities, and staff to meet your club's needs. Together we can determine what is the best selection of offerings for your members.