With The Salus Group, your fitness center becomes an enhancement to your club without any additional burden or stress to your management or board. Our experienced staff handles all operations and administration. Your members enjoy a clean, state-of-the-art, private facility. Your club gets the benefit of an additional revenue stream from an amenity.

Starting Out
The most important exercise to begin a fitness center does not require any specialized equipment. It begins with working with your club’s management and board to set the facility’s mission and goals. Once it is determined what type of center is best for your country club, we can establish the policies, procedures, and hours of operations. Should you desire, TSG can make the center available during times when the club is closed, including evenings, Mondays, holidays and vacation periods.

We believe that knowledge is central to a facility’s usage. Therefore, every member who signs up with your country club’s fitness center is provided with the following free services:

Equipment Orientation – Each member receives a thorough explanation of how to properly use all resistance and cardiovascular apparatus. Our walk-throughs are hands-on, with the member physically performing the movement under the guidance of a certified instructor. Members are taught the proper form and technique which is essential to prevent serious injury. Tailored directions for resistance, settings and repetitions are recorded on a Member Training Log, which is stored at the center for easy access.

Polar Body-Age Fitness Assessment – It takes a combination of factors to determine a member’s fitness level. The Polar Body-Age Assessment measures heart health, body strength, and flexibility. It also factors in diet and body composition. The resulting Body-Age score becomes the basis of the member’s personalized fitness profile and the starting benchmark for improvement.

On-Going Operations
The Salus Group takes care of all fitness center operations. Our services extend from pre-opening planning to daily management. Whether your country club’s fitness center is new, already established, or in need of new management, TSG offers effective operations management:

  • Staff recruitment, training, and compensation
  • Opening and closing of facility
  • Budget management
  • Facility maintenance
  • Program tracking and modifications
  • Marketing, communications & promotions

The Salus Group makes it simple and easy to offer a healthy extension of your club's amenities, and increase the value of a club membership.