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Golf fitness programs can now provide long-lasting benefits for improving a player’s game, as well as preserving his or her health

A generation ago, fitness on a golf course was pretty much limited to eschewing the golf cart and walking 18 holes. Times have certainly changed—and club and resort properties are paying closer attention to members and guests’ growing needs for programming that can help bring their golf and fitness objectives together. Read more...

Titleist Golf Fitness Performance Program

    Benefits of the Program:
  • Dramatically increase your yardage off the tee
  • More Accurate shots
  • Lower your handicap
  • Fewer Golf related aches and pains

How the Program works: The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Evaluation puts players thru a complete array of tests used by the best golfers in the world. By assessing a total picture of your body we will recommend a golf fitness program that will help you optimize playing performance.

The program works by improving a players' posture at address, flexibility, balance, core strength and power.

Each player receives a golf fitness "handicap" based on their evaluation results. As the player improves their flexibility and strength their handicap lowers to show their progress. Additionally, we can show students how they match up with PGA Tour players on any of the tests during the evaluation.

Golf Performance treatment Massage - The combination of massage, stretching and accupressure will aid in improving golf performance and injury prevention. The treatment assists in improved balance and swing rotation for distance and accuracy